Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Your Money or Your Life?

David Kellermann, the acting CFO of Freddie Mac was found dead at his home today in what police said was an apparent suicide.

Kellerman age 41 lived in a well off neighborhood of large single family homes with beautiful lawns. Country records show Kellermann's home worth about $900,000.

Mac lost more than $50 billion last year, and the government has pumped in $45 billion to keep the company afloat.

No doubt Kellerman was under a lot of pressure and my prayers are with his family.

Let's ask ourselves though, is any amount of money or lack there of; worth taking your own life?

I've never owned a $900,000 home, but I have owned several houses in my life, and very finely furnished with antiques but I wouldn't trade any of it for my own life. How do I know I wouldn't? I've had and I've had not. Just about four years ago I found myself homeless and jobless. I did have my Ford Explorer (that barely ran) that I lived in. It was my home. It wasn't easy, but I have to say it wasn't as hard as I had expected either. Maybe because I did have my Explorer to live in, but I believe maily because of my faith in God. I knew that God would take care of me no matter if I had a roof over my head or not; He would work it out. I never even considered once taking my life because of this.

The lack of money is not worth taking your life. The lack of a job is not worth taking your life. There are ebbs and flow in every Country, and in everyone's life also. There are times of abundance and there are times you may end up having nothing material at all. Just know this, that God knows what you're going through and even though it seems He's not paying attention to you at the moment, He really is and He's working in your favor to help you, to make sure you are provided for. He did in my life, and He will in yours too, if you have faith in Him! Trust in Him and He will guide you.
Work hard and do all you can to get back on your feet, keep your faith in Him; and you'll see things change, even if it's not right away; it will happen. After all you have His word on it "You reap what you sow, IF you faint not." So keep sowing, you will reap a harvest in due time.

May God fill you with His Wealth and Riches in your life,


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