Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Piece of the Pie?

A Piece of the Pie?

Have you heard the saying concerning money: "I just want a piece of the pie, that's all."

This is the problem many of us have when it comes to money. We think because someone that has a lot of money, must of made you a bit poorer.
In reality of how our money system works, there is plenty of pie to go around for everyone. It's not like this picture of the pie you see here, where there are only so many pieces and once all the pieces are gone, there's none left for anyone else.

We have an unlimited wealth supply available to us. We can "create" wealth. If you introduce a new product or service and rent it out or sell it; you have just created wealth for yourself. Something from nothing!
The lack of money is nonexistent. It's the poverty mentality that causes lack in our own life.

I'll tell you a true story of when I was in my early 20's. I use to have a pet rabbit that I kept in a rabbit cage. I would always feed him rabbit pellets or veggies of some sort like carrots or lettuce.
I fell upon financial hard times and did not even have enough money to buy any pellets or veggies for Rabbit. I knew though I was going to get some checks in 3 days, so I figured that as long as Rabbit had enough water he would be fine until I got paid...well I was wrong. Rabbit did not take to his forced fast very well at all. Actually he died on the 3rd day. It was too late to buy him some food by time my checks arrived in the mail. Wow, was I sad! Poor Rabbit depended on me to take care of him, and here I let him die of starvation.
While standing there thinking about poor dead Rabbit suddenly I relaized for the first time, had I just pulled some grass from the abundant green lawn I had, rabbit would have had food to eat in plenty!!

You see, my sight and thinking were limited. I was looking in only one direction to supply my need. Because of my limited thinking Rabbit suffered and died.

You might think, how stupid I was do of not realized this to start with, but how many people do I know that have the same limited sight in their own financial lives that just can only see their job as the way to have money, sometimes barely making a living, causing a shortage and suffering to those they love.

There are more ways to provide for all of your needs and then some if only you will SEE them.

Don't be like me when I was in my 20's. Look around and open your eyes and see the true Wealth and Riches around you!


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