Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Ripple Effect

Have you ever thrown a stone into a still body of water such as a lake or pond? Isn't it neat to see the ripples that it creates from it, outward?

This is how our lives are even when we don't know it, we are making a difference in others lives (for positive or negative).

I'll give you a recent example of it in my own life. I enjoy taking an orange to work. My wife as sweet as she is, peals that orange for me before I go to work and puts it in a zip lock bag. Well one of my teammates happened to see my pealed orange and asked about it. I informed him that my wife peals the orange for me. He happened to mention it to his girlfriend, and now she peals him an orange to take to work also. Then as my teammate was telling me about it, another teammate overheard what we were talking about and she said "I think I'll do that for my boyfriend also!"
Here my wife is, in the kitchen all by herself pealing that orange because she loves me, and not thinking about how even that simple act can impact others; yet we see by my true story that it did and it does!

So whether we realize it or not, our lives, our actions, our words even; impact others.

Choose today to have a positive impact in someone's life. Spread out the Wealth and Riches in your own life! You never know how many it will touch.


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