Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Self Limitations Discovered!

Self Limitations...

Do you have any? Do you know if you have any really?
I'm going to open up and give you a great example of having one myself and not even knowing it until I overcame it.

About five months ago I lost my wife's ID. Not a big deal when you're an American Citizen, but a big deal when you're not. At least this was my mind frame at the time because not only did I loose her State ID, but also her Permanent Resident Card also which basically proves she has a right to be here legally.

So all this time I was thinking that it would not be possible to replace her State ID card unless she had other ID to prove who she was. She does have her passport, but it has her maiden name on it as we never updated her Passport yet to reflect her married name.

Well, I got the idea just yesterday (after 5 long months of delay) to go ahead and go down to the D.M.V and just see if we could get her State ID again.
We filled out a simple form (took no more then 2 minutes) and brought it back up to the counter. He asked what her SS# was, she gave it verbally; and within 10 minutes we were walking out of the place with a new State ID card for her! WOW, that was easy I proclaimed! We both were in awe of how our limiting belief's kept us from getting her ID which was so important to have.

So now I'm asking myself more internal questions and I encourage you to do the same "what other belief's do I have that are limiting my abundance?" Find the answer and then take ACTION NOW to correct what ever it is, so you too can have more Wealth and Riches in your own life now.


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