Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Longwood Adventure

"Exquisite flowers, majestic trees, dazzling fountains, extravagant conservatory, starlit theater, thunderous organ—all describe the magic of Longwood Gardens".

Pierre DuPont founder of DuPont chemical company used part of his fortune to develop the property into what it is today. Mr. DuPont created a foundation for the property so it would endure and be enjoyed by the public.

My wife Mae at the Visitor Center right before we entered in to buy our tickets.

What a beautiful wife I have! We were here at Longwood as part of our celebration of being married for two years now.

Inside the Conservatory

DuPont's Ballroom Fireplace

I can see that Mr. DuPont knew how to use his money to be both Wealthy and Rich.
May we all aspire to use our money to better people's lives and the environment around us.

Wishing you more Wealth and Riches in your life!


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