Saturday, November 21, 2009

Opportunity often comes...

"Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat." -- Napoleon Hill

With that statement in mind, how can we take today's economy into mind?
We watch and listen to how horrible things are in the news day in and day out for a few years now. Unemployment at it's highest since 1982...x amount of people being laid off from this company and that company. How the States and Nation is in debt and on and on and on.

I'd say this is one of the greatest opportunities we are facing in our lifetime!
Seems like a strange statement. Even foreign. Maybe Dexter is with his head stuck in a hole in the ground you might say?

Let's look at history. Did you know more Millionaires were made during the great depression then at any other time in history? I did not live back then, but I would image the average citizen heard on the radio each night how bad the depression was and woke up each morning to their coffee and newspaper to even more bad news. People jumping out of windows committing suicide because of the stock market plunge. Yet....there were more Millionaires made during this time than any other time at that point in history. How, why? And how knowing this knowledge can bring prosperity into our lives today?

What was different from the person that became a Millionaire to the person lined up in the soup line because he couldn't even buy groceries?

It was how they seen things. It was their attitude. Like the quote above, they seen opportunity in
disguise! They seen it for what it was and took the bull by the horns and made money from it!

Yes today's economy is different. Things are changing. Jobs are no longer being perceived as "secure" as they once was. That is NOT a bad thing. That is a GOOD thing.

You see it's time to enlarge your vision. To look beyond a "job". I'll give you a recent example:

There is this man who found a way to make money wearing a company's shirt. Yeah, what most of us wear from time to time, maybe with a company's name a and logo on it, but we don't get paid. But he does. Now watch this video about him and I'm going to make a point. Especially notice the guy at the end asking about a job: Go here now and click on the video once you get there:
Scroll down after watching the video clip

The guy that said "I'd love to get a job like yours. Where can I sign up?"
The difference between the two men are like the gap between the North and South Poles! Jason who created the business and the other man who had only a "job mentality". The truth is Jason who created didn't start a job, he started a business. You can bet the man looking for a so called "easy job" made half of what Jason made in 2009. Why? Jason created something of value where the job minded man was only looking for an easy buck.

Yes, being in business can be challenging! It can also be very rewarding!
Take the risk, find an opportunity in disguise and create something with value. Once you do, you'll see your financial well being sky rocket!

More Wealth and Riches in your life.


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