Saturday, July 4, 2009

Helping Single Mothers & their Children in the Philippines

Here are some of the plans I have in helping single mothers & their children in the Philippines:

1. Invite as many Filipina/Filipino's that I possibly can to build a LARGE Zenzuu income that will create a LARGE income for everyone that builds. (That means YOU too).

2. For single mom's in the Philippines that do not have internet access I have plans on helping them financially also in:

A. Creating a large perpetual trust fund that will continue accumulating interest and income long after I have gone home to be with the Lord.

B. Short term help for basic needs such as Shelter, Food, and Clothing.

C. Providing a long term plan for single moms to create their own income streams from self employment.

D. Providing single mothers a free way to meet available men throughout the world at

E. Helping the children of single mothers with education and a plan on becoming self sufficient when they reach adulthood.

F. Buy some houses for homeless single moms and have some land on it so they can grow their own veggies and coconut trees and eat and sell them to help provide for their shelter there and afford me to buy other houses there. Also provide a computer and Internet access so they build a large income online through Zenzuu.

G. Open a Internet Cafe with 40 computers. Anyone can use one for FREE if they want to use it to build their Zenzuu business online. Also provide Basic Computer and Internet Lessons for FREE on certain days to anyone that wants to be a part of the class and commits to teaching the class in exchange for learning the lessons for free. Rental use of the computers can help pay for the overhead.

H. Load up a large truck full of rice and sell large bags of it for 1/2 price and do a give a way promotion to provide free rice for a whole year to some families.

I. Buy a Jeepney and Zenzuu it inside and out to promote Zenzuu and use the profits to buy other forms of advertising of Zenzuu and other income opportunites.

All of these things and MORE can be done if YOU and I work together here to build a large team of people. Invite everyone you can. Put ZenZuu on every profile you have online. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, let's take advantage of it and see lives changed for the better!!


Current Update: Zenzuu is in the process of updating their site which could take several months.
Until they do, I am not actively promoting ZenZuu.

I still have plans on using my other online income to do all of the above!

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