Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Son is going to Iraq

400 Days...that's how long Ben is going to be gone.

Today Mae and I took him to Belmont, Maryland to meet up with other Army Reserve troops who all will be going to Iraq.
I have dreaded this day, and somehow wished that it was not going to happen, but today is the day he goes.
He thought he had to be there at 7:00AM but as we were driving up he found out he did not have to meet until 1:00PM,
so that gave us time to eat a nice breakfast at Ihop and then take a nice needed tap parked under some large shade trees.
I was out and snored so loud I kept waking myself up. We all needed that little nap to relieve some of the stress we were
feeling plus having to get up so early which is not our norm.
Mae and I let Ben sleep a little more and we took at walk to the Five Below store and bought a kite. I always wanted to fly a kite
with Mae, so when time and weather permit we will do that.
Then we went back to the car and went to a store called Dicks that has outdoor things. I found on sale a badminton set which Mae and Peachy enjoy playing. I haven't played since I was a teen, but it should be fun.
Then we went next door to an upper class furniture store. There was this large wooden chair there that had lions carved into the arm rests and the
backrest of the chair was about 8 feet high. Sitting in it for sure made me feel like a King. They had beautiful chandeliers and other furniture that we
enjoyed looking at along with a very beautiful pool table with a red felt top.

To pass more time we stopped at a repo house and peeked inside the windows and then went and waited for the group to gather to van out to Virgina
where they will be for 10 days before going to California to train some and then to Mississippi to train more before going to Iraq.

Mae and I prayed for Ben before he left that God would keep him safe and bring him back whole and safe also and that he would do great things there.

We had a little more time so we made a quick run to Dunkin Donuts and bought a few donuts and Gatorade for Ben.

We went back to the meeting spot, sat around some more, took a few more pictures and then it was time for him to go.
It was so emotional to see my son going off to war.
We hugged and told him we love him. I could not help but cry some, and of course Mae cried some too.
Really hard to see him go, knowing he might be in harms way and away for more then a year also...
I trust in God though that God will keep him and the others safe.
There's a feeling inside of me that I have never felt before living through this. I guess only someone that has been separated from their child would know what I'm
talking about...

God bless you my boy, my young man. I love you so much.

Love Dad and Mom

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  1. Hello Dex, just read your blog, I will pray that your son will come home safely to you and Mae. Yes I would of cried my eyes out..

    I have another friend Sherri. Her son Josh is in the military, he came home for a few days then back to work for him..

    You are in my prayers..