Sunday, June 28, 2009

7 Benefits of using Chat To Text

7 Benefits of using Chat To Text

1. Business owners, and Network Marketers have the ability to put their chat to text link on their own website and social websites so when a potential client has a question, they can send a text from your website straight to your cell phone allowing you to respond to their question in less than a minutes time and you don't even need to be at your computer!

2. Chat To Text also has powerful message program called "Chatterbox" that allows you to send a message (your own marketing message) to all your email lists, anyone in your facebook, Bebo, or MySpace friends all at once.
Chatterbox makes that all possible with a few clicks.

3. Chat to Text allows your current business to grow faster with you using it and it also can build another income stream for you and those who join you for a full nine levels.

4. Chat to Text is now in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia allowing you to reach out to very large markets.

5. Chat to Text provides training sent to your email address regularly allowing you to learn how to market your own Chat To Text Business in your own time.

6. By joining me today, you will be joining my upline who has started "The Freedom Team" which provides free network marketing training you can use in any Network Marketing Business including your Chat To Text business.

7. Chat To Text Business does not compete with any current online business you might already have, it only compliments it and enhances it.

Basically, time on the net is compressed greatly compared to the outside world. Think about it...for example have you ever click on a website link and it took more then 30 seconds to load, what did you do? You more then likely left before it loaded and looked else where for the information you were searching for.

That's not the only instance where a potential customer leaves. What if you had a customer that read your site, liked what he/she read, but had a couple of questions. How fast could you respond back to that customer to gain their trust and their business? 24 hours? 12 hours? 1 hour? 1/2 hour?
15 min? 7 1/2 minutes?? All too slow!!!

How about the ability to respond back in a minute or or less? Would that be a valuable thing to be able to do?
Lock them in to what you have to say, not someone else.

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