Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The New Gold Rush has started!

Back in 1849 there was a great gold rush in California. People from all over the world rushed to get their share of the gold. Many became rich, and many came home empty handed.
Those that were smart, knew where to look for the gold and how to get it.

Well...the NEW Gold Rush is just started Online with a new Social Network Application called Chat2text. They had opened their "doors" for business for 4 1/2 days and already had 20,000 people join! They are doing a new relaunch and last night was their webinar all about their plans. Last night they had over 400 people join... just last night alone!

Click here to watch the Presentation

Click here to hear the webinar call about Chat 2 Text Plans

DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS ONE! You'll want to join right away!

Now once you do join, Chat to Text will be paying you through Alert Pay. It's like Paypal.
It's highly recommended you pick the Pro Alert Pay, as it's free like the personal one, but the personal one is limited on how much money you can get into the account per month.
Step 1 Join Chat To Text

Step 2 Sign up for Alert Pay

Step 3 Start promoting!


  1. What is Chat to Text? Answer: Chat to Text is a new application that allows users of Facebook and Bebo, and MySpace to send messages to their "friends" cell phones and vice versa. It is a bridge service between social networking and your cell phone carrier's text messaging. See mine on Facebook by clicking here: My FaceBook Profile with Chat to Text on it.
  2. How do I make money with Chat to Text? Answer: Chat to Text pays a referral fee for users of their service to share this opportunity with people they know. For every person you personally enroll (Tier 1) you are paid $2 per month. But it gets way more exciting! For every person that they know (through 8 more tiers) you are paid an additional .25 cents per person. Now if you do the math on this in just a 3x9 model, you will see that your team can grow very large.
  3. How much does Chat to Text cost? Answer: $5.99 USD per month
  4. Do I have to pay for each social networking site? Answer: No, when you join Chat to Text, your $5.99 per month covers all of the social networking sites that they have applications with (i.e., Facebook, MySpace, and Bebo).
  5. Where is Chat to Text available? Answer: Currently it is only available in the United States and Canada but the United Kingdom and Australia are currently being tested for service too. There will be new countries added in the future.
  6. How do I learn more and sign-up for Chat to Text? Answer: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
  7. How much money can I make in Chat to Text? Answer: This completely depends on you and how much effort you put into not only sharing Chat to Text with people you know but also, how much you help those people that you invite to learn how to share too. Our team is fully committed to helping everyone succeed but ultimately, success is through our own efforts. There are no guarantees in any business but I can tell you that what we have personally seen is VIRAL interest in not only the application but the business.
  8. I see that some people have different links that are shorter, how do they do this? Answer: Great question! There is a FREE website called Tinyurl. This site is quick and easy to use. You simply type in your long Chat to Text URL and replace it with a tiny url that is personalized. The other thing that is important about using a Tiny Url is that it protects the safety of your personal URL with Chat to Text. e.g. You could also make up own own domain name and point it to your referal Chat to Text Page. I use Go Daddy.
  9. How do I grow my business and what marketing ideas can you suggest? Answer: There are so many ways to refer this business but I'm going to list just a few here. If you want to contact me to specifically go over a business plan, please don't hesitate. Some of the things that are very helpful is to send emails and follow-up with people you know. Some people like to create a blog or capture page like this one and send their friends to it. You can look at free ways to advertise online. It is never recommended that you spam your friends and contacts.
  10. Who created Chat to Text? Answer: Two really smart guys Scott Messina and Shawn Pringle. Chat to Text's head office is in Florida.
  11. Am I limited to inviting only 3 people to Chat to Text? Answer: No, on the video they use an example of 3 people, but you are unlimited in the amount of people that you can invite to CTT on your first tier. So go out and invite everyone. This is going to be fun!
  12. Do I have to use the service with Chat to Text or can I use it only as a business to refer people to and make money? Answer: You are requested to use the service and if you choose to refer the application you may.
  13. What if I live outside of the United States or Canada, am I still able to refer this business? Answer: Currently, Australia and the United Kingdom are in development. Testing is being done on these markets.
  14. Who should I market Chat to Text to? Answer: Specific demographics are really the 20-40 generation but when you combine that 40+ will love the business too, it makes it really MOST PEOPLE. I have definitely got all age ranges joining Chat to Text. Next time you see someone who is beep beep beeping a text message, ask them if they have heard of Chat to Text? WATCH VIDEO BY CLICKING HERE
  15. Are there any other charges with Chat to Text? Answer: No, BUT you should check with your Cell Phone Provider to ensure that you have a cell phone plan that includes text messaging. This is very important because you can end up with additional fees on your cell phone without a plan that covers text messaging.
  16. When do you get paid with Chat to Text? Answer: Chat to Text pays on the 15th. of each monthly. the first payment date with the new system will be 15th March.
  17. How do I get paid? The pay service is Alert Pay, so you need set up an account with Alert Pay and then update your Chat to Text back office with your Alert Pay details. It is strongly recommended that you sign-up for a Personal Pro account as this will allow a larger payment amount than just a personal account. To create an ALERT PAY ACCOUNT click here
  18. Is there an age limit to sign-up for Chat to Text? Answer: Currently, they are requesting that CTT users be 18 or older. There is some additional analysis being done on this by the Chat to Text owners with their Lawyers but currently the age limit is 18.

I will continue to update these FAQ's as we go and if you have questions you would like me to include, leave me a comment and let me know.

"Blessed to be a blessing"

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