Monday, February 2, 2009

I seen one of our Guardian Angels...I think!

I seen one of our Guardian Angels...I think!

All through out history we have heard and read about Angels. They come in different forms of man or perhaps even woman. In the Bible we read that each believer has at least two Angels assigned to them. We call these type of Angels "Guardian Angels". Guardian Angels have a few things they are assigned to do. One is to guard you from unseen attacks from demons and the other to speak messages to you from God. There is one more thing they do, and that is they at times will intervene and help you with different things in life, sometimes something major and sometimes something minor all for God's purposes to be fulfilled and of course to watch over us as I've said for protection.

Well my wife and I were at Walmart Saturday Morning 1/31/2009. We did our grocery shopping and when done came out to the car and put our groceries in the trunk. When we had put the last bad in we were both looking around to see where the nearest cart rack was when this younger "man" dressed for the cold, a double coat on with a hood over his head (not unusual because of the cold) and he had glasses on...came up to us and said "I'll take care of that for you, save you some steps" meaning the grocery cart...we gave it to him and said "thank you". We both turned to close the car trunk and I could hear the cart wheeles rolling away. We both then turned back to see him and he was no where to be found! I even drove down the next row thinking we would spot him, but we did not. He could not have gone into Walmart that fast, as we were parked quite a distance that morning from the entrance.
After thinking about it for a couple of days now...I'm thinking it must have been an Angel. Why would a person just come up to us and grab our cart for us? At this Walmart there is always plenty waiting inside. He wasn't an employee because we didn't see any Walmart badge and he dissapeard so fast, it just wasn't possible he was a human!

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