Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How to Stop Smoking

Taken from someone that has had success in quitting the smoking habit here are the steps.

1. You really have to want to stop. If your only half way convinced, then it won't work.

2. One of the things smokers have a problem with when they stop smoking is something to do with their hands. Keep a bottle of water by you and sip from it when you get that urge to smoke. Water is good for you and washes your system out and gives your hands something to do besides hold a cigarette.

This has worked for the person I've talked with so well that he has not had a cigarette for over a year.

The benefits of not smoking:

* You'll feel better over all
* Your sense of smell will be sharper
* Your sense of taste will be better also
* You'll save a load of money.


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