Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Law Of Giving

Many years ago when I first learned of the Law of Giving, I decided to test it out. Here were the rules.

1. Find a need

2. Fill the need without anyone knowing

3. Keep a lookout on how you will receive even more than you gave, not necessarily from the person you gave it to, as it can come else where.

So this is what I decided to do. At the time I had my own Landscape Maintenance business (that's a fancy way of saying I mowed lawns for money) and I had a customer that had one trash can only and it was broken and so each time I did the lawn there was always trash scattered around the driveway because of this. So, I bought him 3 brand new trash cans. He happened to come home before I left, so I told him that he now has three new trash cans! He thanked me and asked me how much did I owe him? I said "nothing". He was happy. The next week, I got the neighbor next to him on the left. The following week I got another customer right next to the new one I got the previous week, and the following week I got one right across the street. Over all I'd say I had a 100x return on my giving! The Law of Giving works, try it sometime!


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  1. I thinkk that is wonderful !! you did a Great Job Dex!!

    I have In My Opinion, giving to a lot of people........I am a giving person...