Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Frankincense, a Sacred Oil

Frankincense, a Sacred Oil: this article was shared by permission from: Faye Durham http://kunzdurham.blogspot.com/

Christmas reminds us of one the gifts given to baby Jesus. Ever wonder why frankincense, a sweet smelling resin from Arabia, was one of the gifts given along with gold and myrrh? “Used to treat every conceivable ill known to man,” frankincense was valued more than gold during ancient times and only those with great wealth possessed it.

Frankincense has many properties. Besides being the “holy anointing oil”, it is also an immune stimulant, anti-tumoral agent, antidepressant, expectorant and muscle relaxant. It has been used for many different conditions such as asthma, ulcers, allergies, high blood pressure, inflammation, stress, skin problems, cystitis, and others. There are many references to frankincense in the Bible as well as the Ebers Papyrus, which is one of the oldest known Egyptian medical records dating from the 16th century B.C.

Frankincense contains sesquiterpenes, enabling it to go across the blood brain barrier where it is elevating to the mind. It also increases the activity of white blood cells in defense of the body against infection.

Today, researchers have discovered that these constituents of frankincense help stimulate the limbic system of the brain, which is the center of emotions, as well as the hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal glands. Frankincense is currently being researched and used therapeutically in European hospitals. It is also being investigated for its ability to improve human growth hormone production and help repair DNA damage.

Frankincense can be diffused, inhaled or applied topically. It can also be taken orally. Be sure though, that you’re using therapeutic-grade or medicinal-grade essential oils. A lot of essential oils o n the market, including those sold in health food stores, unfortunately, carry synthetic and adulterated oils.

I love using essential oils because they are literally alive and carry a vital life force. This is important because this vital life force makes them therapeutically active and potent, reaching far beyond the effects of dry herbs. For example, 1 drop of peppermint essential oil has the same effect as drinking almost thirty cups of peppermint herbal tea.

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Faye Durham


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