Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Secret of Leverage

Leverage really is not a secret, but it seems it is; because so few use it.
But to those who do understand and use it, they greatly benefit from leverage.

Jim Rohn said "Profits are better than wages". Here's his video on it:


Let's talk more about being in business for yourself and using leverage.

Let's say you're a barber. Let's also assume you're a popular barber and you're busy cutting hair all the time.

So lets say you cut hair 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
It's takes you on average 1/2 hour to do each person at $12.00 per head and your average tip is $3.00 per person, so that's $30 an hour x 8 hours = $240.00 a day x 5 days a week = $1200 x 4 weeks= $4800 a month or $57,600 a year. That's a nice income for a years work. $57,600 would be gross before overhead and other expenses.
The only way to make more money for yourself would be to cut more people's hair in a years time.

Now, let's say you get tired of cutting people's hair and standing on your feet all day. Your fingers and arms hurt and so do your feet. What would be a better way?

How about you take your savings and invest in a place that has just 3 barber stalls and you rent each stall out for $350 a month to 3 self employed barbers.

$350 a month x 3 stalls = $1050 a month gross. Not bad, but no where near the $4800 you were making cutting your yourself.

So instead of just one place, you buy 10 with 3 stalls each only.
Now we are looking at $10,500 a month income. Now we are talking! You have just about doubled your income without having to stand on your feet all day cutting greasy hair. But you did have to invest a lot of money into each building and you have to manage each buildings repairs and collect the rent each month from each barber and make sure all the stalls stay rented to continue your cash flow.

What if though you didn't have a lot of money to buy 10 properties at say $150,000 each on average? What then?

What you need is a better way to leverage your time and money.

What you need is something similar but without the large overhead.

This is where the idea of MLM or MultiLevel Marketing comes into play.

Low start up. From $40 to $1000(instead of $150,000 to $1,500,0000
Low overhead and everyone is self employed working together with you as a team to help each other grow and profit.

This is leverage at its best!

Please watch this video by Randy Gage to learn more about Multilevel Marketing before reading on:

Introducing Young Living. More than a MLM company with products. Rather a lifestyle of health.

Everyone wins in Young Living!! You can intertwine the business with your daily activities, so it's like investing $100 a month in products that will keep you and your family healthy, and then find 6 other people and ask them to do the same. Once you find 6 that will invest $100 a month, you will actually get a bonus ...check for $100, so your products will essentially be free. Teach at least 2 of these 6 to do the same thing so they can get their $100 bonus, and you will get a $500 bonus check. These bonus checks are every month, by the way, as long as there are 6 people that invest, of course.

With MLM you are leveraging not only your money but your time. Because just like a savings account that has compound interest to make your money multiply over time, the same when you invest your time in a good solid MLM business.
When your team multiplies over and over, it just keeps getting larger over time.

To study the comp. plan and the products of Young Living simply go to


"Adventure isn't hanging on a rope off the side of a mountain. Adventure is an attitude that we must apply to the day to day obstacles of life – facing new challenges, seizing new opportunities, testing our resources against the unknown and in the process, discovering our own unique potential." -- John Amatt

Wishing you more adventures and Wealth and Riches in your life!

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