Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why I quit Chat To Text

Today is a bit of a sad day.

I quit Chat To Text after being in it for a year.

There were changes made to the commission structure that I could not agree with nor did I feel that it would be marketable with the new commission structure.

It is a shame because I put many hours into it.

With every trial though there is a lesson and I've learned a few from here, so I can thank CTT for that.

1. Think VERY HARD before joining a new start up in Network Marketing. I know all new start up's are going to disagree with me on that and of course there are people that do get in at the start and it works out. But they are far and in-between. Safer to join a company that has at min. 5 years stable track record.

2. Investigate the founders before joining a any Network Marketing Co.
If they don't have a background in Network Marketing itself then don't join. There will be too many trial and errors during the ride to get it right before they discover what really works and does not work. In the mean time you suffer as a rep. with all the growing pains.

3. If there are no terms and conditions in writing, RUN! This means they can change things on the whim and not be accountable to anyone. After all if they don't have it in writing, it's not legally binding.

In retrospect, I loved the Chat to Text application. It was great in how it worked. Getting a text message on my cell phone when someone had a question about my blog here, or on one of the social sites I have was a great idea! It was unique and useful for any small business owner that had a website online. This is what attracted me to Chat to Text in the first place. Why not stay as a customer then?
Because I cannot condone their actions on the business end by paying them money for their application.

So, learning these lessons has taught me a great deal about Network Marketing Companies in general, so with that; I have to say it was worth it!

Thank you and wishing you more Wealth and Riches in your life!


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  1. Dexter,

    I feel your pain... as, I too was in since the inception. ChatToText is a joke. I'm wondering if I cancel the account, if then I will get paid? Proabably not...Beware of ChatToText everyone...even one of the founders Shaun Pringle left....hmmm I wonder why.