Monday, March 16, 2009

What can you do with 6 bucks?

What can you do with 6 bucks?

McDonalds 2 double cheese burgers, small fries comes to with tax a little under 6 bucks...

If I go to the discounted movie theater, I can watch 1 movie for 2 bucks...

I can buy about 7 candy bars for 6 bucks...

These things I've listed last less than a day...well maybe 7 candy bars will last more then a day. What better can you do with 6 bucks though?

How about turning 6 bucks into thousands? Impossible you say? I'll prove to you that you can! Click here and then come back to this blog.

Now after viewing that presentation why in the world wouldn't you want to invest 6 bucks on something that can return to you so much more?? Did you know the example shows 3, but if you focus on getting 5 people instead that work the business and do the same all the way, you are looking at around $60,000 a month? That's called the power of leverage. Don't look at me like I'm crazy now! This IS NOT something new. The rich have been doing it for ages, and it's why they are rich and you are not! You leverage your time, your money by either making your money work for you or having others work for you (in this case indirectly working for you, which is much better than having employees).

If you can find me a better investment with the potential return that I'm talking about then go ahead and leave me a comment and tell me of such an animal...but if not, what are you waiting for? Join Chat to Text now and start on your path to finding your 5. You can do that right? Just 5 people willing to do the same? That's all it will take.
See you at the top!

"Richest people in the world build networks...
everyone else in the world looks for work!"

- Robert Kiyosaki, Millionaire, Author, Coach -

P.S. Here's an email I just received from Chat to Text. My question is after reading it, did you get yours yet? You can next month. Just JOIN NOW

Commission payments went out today and I'm proud to say that even though
the commissions only represented sales for our first 12 days, they amounted
to tens of thousands of dollars earned by our affiliates.

If you didn’t receive a commission payment either you earned less than the
$2.00 minimum, or you have not utilized the Chat To Text application, which
only effected about a hundred affiliates. (see below)

As Shawn mentioned in his e-mail on Friday, we have all of you to thank
for the success of Chat To Text. So thank you one and all!

And remember, the more people you invite to Chat To Text the higher your
commissions will grow, so keep using the new Invite feature and keep up the
great work!

To Your Success,
Scott Messina

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