Sunday, January 25, 2009

You can save 100 sq ft of rainforst and more!

You can save 100Sq Ft of rainforst and more simply by drinking Tropicana Orange Juice and entering in the carton code on their website!!

The Rain Forest is disappearing fast and causing our climate to change. Together with Cool earth, Tropicana aims to save thousands of acres of endangered Rain Forest and protect our future.

To save your own patch of Rain Forest go to and enter the unique code found of Tropicana products stamped "Rescue the Rainforest" For every code you enter they will preserve 100 square feet of rainforest! Promotion ends 12/31/09

Pure Orange Juice is good for your body too. Tropicana Orange Juice (I drink a glass about 5 times a week) has the American Hearth Association heartcheckmark on it.

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