Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ultimate Alternative Medicine Secrets-Dr. Oz show

Ultimate Alternative Medicine Secrets - Dr Oz show 9/6/10

Fascinating Alternative Medicine. I took notes and want to share and added my additional notes for more details.

What is Alternative Medicine?

Alternative medicine that is not used in the Western Culture that has been used in other Countries, sometimes for centuries.

Secret #1 Help for Arthritis. Mud Baths made of Clay, peat and Sulfur Water.
Has anti inflammatory benefits.

My Notes: Here's a great site about clay mud baths.

Secret #2 Aromatherapy. Can be used on pressure points on the body and inhaled to bypass the cortex and go straight into the sensory area's of the brain. Helps with reducing stress.

My notes: Aromatherapy with Essential Oils

Secret #3 Herbs Such as Sage and Black Cohosh. Good for women going through menopause.

My notes:
I'd suggest two products by Young Living for women going through menopause called:

And ProgessencePlus

Secret #4 Yoga- The breathing done in Yoga can drop blood pressure.
My notes: While there are I'm sure many physical benefits of Yoga, I do not recommend the spiritual aspect of Yoga.

Secret #5 Inferred Sauna two times a week can help prevent colds and flu as viruses don't do well in temperatures 80 degrees and above. It's why viruses love the Winter season. Be sure to drink plenty of water an be well hydrated before going into any Sauna.

Secret #6 Chinese method called "Cupping" It helps the blood to flow to the area that needs healing of joint pain and brings blood flow to that area. Increased blood flow helps the healing process.

Notes: I'm not sure what to think of cupping seeing how this is the first time I've been exposed to the idea. Here is more info:

Secret #7 Reiki (Energy Healing) A balancing process. Helps your system become balanced. Here's an audio explaining Reiki:
My Notes: Too new age for me.
I'd much rather use the laying on of hands taught in the Bible as a sound principle of healing along with anointing oils (pure).

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  1. I am willing to try anything to help my own health and peace of mind.
    I am certified in Reiki I and I continue the study, in order to heal myself personally and to heal others when requested.
    Last night we had a healing service at our United Methodist Church with our own Pastor and a woman Pastor from Mexico. I was surrounded by my family and our Pastor placed anointing oil on my forehead at the beginning and at the ending of his personal prayer for me. I felt the power of prayer, of healing, of God last evening. Yet, this morning, I am in total awe, and at a loss for words.

  2. My parents love going to the sauna three times a week. They say it really helps improve their immune system. I also totally love using therapeutic-grade oils, which is far better than just aromatherapy using perfume-grade oils (he doesn't mention which type of oils is best, and since most on the market are adulterate, gotta make that distinction). Yoga is also wonderful medicine since it helps relax our breathing; learning how to breathe correctly is critical.