Tuesday, April 20, 2010


How bad do you want it (what ever IT is)? Bad enough to stop wishing and start doing?

There's comes a point where you just get tired of wishing. You've wish for it for so long that you go beyond that point. You cross the line, and go into the "doing in zone"
No longer are you on the wishing yard line, but now you've moved into the "Doing Zone!"

This is what it takes to make something come about in your life. Yes, you have to start out with a vision, and yes that vision needs to be clear; and YES you have to see that vision daily. When you can taste it, breathe it, see it, feel it; even though it's not in the flesh as of yet, you know then it's time to take ACTION!

Faith without works is dead!

What is it your wishing for? Is it a husband, a wife, better health, more money? What is IT for you?

It's time to move into the "Doing Zone" today! Even if it's just a first step. Even if that step is a small step, what action will you take today?

Leave me comment and tell me what you have been wishing for all this time and what first step you'll take TODAY to reach IT?

More Wealth and Riches to you in every area of your life!


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