Monday, February 8, 2010

Toadflakes...YOU can make a difference

In this big World of ours, sometimes we think what ever we do "really doesn't matter."
But it really does, because if everyone knew how much a difference they can make, the whole world could change for the better.

For an example. Let's say we discover a certain food to cause cancer yet the FDA decides not to make the company stop selling that food because there are not enough tests done for them to do so as of yet. But yet x amount of reliable tests show this certain food causes cancer. Now, what if you decided not to buy that type of food. Let's call this food Toadflakes for the fun of it.
So you go to the store and for the past few years you loved your Toadflakes. Toadflakes taste mighty good after all! But this time you decide you're going to make a change and not buy Toadflakes. Matter of fact, you have decided not to buy Toadflakes any more! Not only that, you tell your loved ones and your friends who you care about why you are never going to buy Toadflakes again. In doing so, they also decide not to buy Toadflakes and also pass the word alone.
Soon, Toadflakes Inc. sells so little, they find it no longer profitable and go out of business. YOU have just made a difference! I know what you're saying...but no body will change just because I stop buying Toadflakes...well now let's examine that for a minute.

Let's take an example of how a product or service grows. Is it not because of word of mouth? Let's face it, no matter how great the marketing and advertising is of a product, in the long run if that product is not accepted by enough people, that product will no longer be offered! Simple as that, and yes it works in reverse too.

YOU CAN make a difference. Just make it a positive difference by the choices you make.

I wish you more Wealth and Riches in your life,


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