Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Major Break Out is about to happen!

Yes, it's true! A major break out is about to happen! I'm not talking about a contagious disease though. I'm talking about breaking out of a mediocre life and really start living! Who wants to join me in the most major break out of all time!?

What does mediocre mean?

Mediocre = Average, ordinary, middle of the road, run of the mill, second rate, commonplace.

What am I really talking about? I'm talking about Relationships, Spirituality, Health, and money. Are you ready? Join me in my quest to live a life of abundance! Join me in More Wealth and Riches in your life!

I'll challenge you out of the blue if you join me in this quest. I'll call you or email you, IM you! What ever! I'll ask you "What did you do special for your spouse today? For your kids? I'm talking about living a life on purpose! Not day to day reacting to circumstances, but living with intention in your relationships! Listen, I'm just like you. Sometimes I forget to live a life on purpose. But when I focus my mind on making my relationships THE BEST, then I love surprising my wife! She loves it too. It doesn't even have to cost anything to do something special. I'll give you plenty of idea's, don't worry!

Yeah, God, life, you, me. What we see with our eyes isn't even half of it! There lots of things going on in the spiritual and when you get into God's spirit a whole new world opens up for you in all areas of your life.
I challenge you! Have you prayed today? I'm not talking about just asking for things. Have you really prayed today? I'll teach you, just as God has taught me through His Holy Word.

Health- Oh yeah, I'm talking about living healthy, not just living long. Who wants to live to a ripe old age when your body can't even keep up with your mind?? Not me!
I want to live as long as the good Lord wants me to with a healthy body, able to do things I want to do. This is a real challenge, and I challenge you too!
Let's loose some weight together and get more fit together too. How about it, isn't it time for a change? I'll help you and you help me too!

No I don't want your money but I'll give you some good suggestions on how to break free from the humdrum lifestyle and you can do the same for me. Masterminds put together will create such power for everyone just as two batteries together do the same. I challenge you! Let's talk about giving and receiving. Let's talk about what money's for and how to make more of it in our own lives without becoming a slave to another employer. Let's talk about everything under the sun about money and if you so desire, lets join forces online and make some more money together!

Let me know and we will travel on this great quest together in each area of our lives.
I'll be here to challenge you and I expect you do to the same for me!

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Dexter 717-467-5088

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