Monday, August 31, 2009

Check up on your kids without them saying "ohhh mom"

Do you remember being a teen? For the most part, didn't you hate having to check in with mom or dad? It was a pain. But of course now that you are an adult with your own children you know why your mom or dad had you "check in" from time to time when you were away from home.
I'm sure you do that with your kids too right?

If you do, nowadays it's all about cell phones isn't it? There's hardly a person around anymore that does not have a cell phone. Kids still hate to check in or have mom and dad call them to see "if they are "Okay". But we as parents do it out of love, and later they will know that too when they have their own children.

There is a great way now to check up on your kids without "embarrassing them". Texting!
Yeah I know, texting seems like a real pain for most of us parents. Well, that has changed! You can text to your child's cell phone straight from your computer with a simple click of your button. The service is called Chat to Text and once you have the application you can type a message to your child from your keyboard that will be sent to their cell phone in less then 10 seconds!
They then can respond to you by text messaging on their cell phone to your chat window in your computer. The service is very affordable too at only $5.99 a month.
Your kids will love it because they can just text you right back and let you know they are ok and you will love it because now you will have a way to make sure they are Okay without creating a disturbance in what ever they are doing. You will be reaching out to them in a way they are use to communicating with.

Click here to find out more and see an example of how the service works.

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  1. GREAT POST!!! I will have to send this to my Sister in Law for her son who went to college!! :)