Monday, May 18, 2009

Gaining Weight!

I started weighing myself weekly now instead of monthly.
Looks like I'm gaining weight instead of loosing it for the last two weeks.
I know what I need to do...I need to do a full body cleanse. Soon...

The good news is though I've started reducing the chemicals in my home.
I now use a natural/organic shampoo and bars of soap.

I must remember to buy my fruits and veggies at the local market instead of Walmart since I just read that pesticides cause skin cancer. It's easier to buy everything all in one place, but Walmarts fruits and veggies are not pesticide free.

Everything starts with awareness, and I am becoming more and more aware. So I will continue to take positive steps to reduce the chemicals in and around me to become even more Wealth and Rich. I hope you will too.


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