Saturday, May 9, 2009

Finds hidden treasures

I grew up looking for hidden not on some island and not even under the sea.
But at Garage sales! My mom use to take me around with her everywhere. She would keep it interesting for me in buying a little something here and there.

Garage sales are in my blood. I really should have a bumper sticker on back of my car (no really don't buy me one, I hate stickers on my car) that says "I Break For Garage Sales" because I really do.

Yard sales are done a little different here in the East then they were in Southern California.
In California a person normally just throws up a sign on the street corner early in the morning and people come.

Here in the East they put up a sign up to a week BEFORE the sale with the date of the sale on the sign...that can be very confusing until you know how it works.

The treasures! I could tell you some good ones all right. Golden and Brass pocket watches, antique hump back trunks, watches, carnival glass, you name it, you can find it sooner or later.

My current hunt is for a light brown couch for our living room. Now that so far is a hard animal to find. PLENTY of ugly green or flowery ones. I know, I know; beauty is in the eye of the beholder...just not for me I guess.

Today I found a brand new Wok from Japan! How much? One buck! Yes, I am a happy camper from that find!

Also found a book of natural cures for $2.50 Not bad considering this thick of a book would cost me at least $30 in the store.

So...want more riches? Hit up some Garage Sales!


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