Sunday, October 24, 2010

Helping children with heart disease

I just got back from Lancaster, PA from an incredible meeting with the Dannecker family. This family is simply incredible!
Before I tell you want this family does in Israel, I want you to see the baby in their picture. Her name is Moriah.
You see..Hank being in Israel decided he really needed to hear from God as to His will. He used fleece praying. (Judges 6) He prayed "God if it's really your will for us to be here in Israel , I pray for a new child to be in our home." He was in prayer for 2 days alone asking God for His direction. He came back home and soon after his two children and his wife were feeling sick. Well the children got well, but his wife Michele didn't. She explained the symptoms to her friend, and her friend said
"Michele, it sounds like you might be pregnant."
Michele being 40 years old, said no, I don't think so.
Hank her husband upon hearing this, said
"Ah honey I forgot to tell you what I prayed."
Sure enough she had Mariah. They named her Moriah because it was where Hank had prayed on a mountain near them named "Moriah".

They took their family and fulfilled a call to be missionaries in Israel.
I first have to say they were nothing like I had imagined they would be like. They are a family so surrendered to God and so full of love that you can't help but long to be in service like they are to others.
What do they do? They have started something called 1New Heart.
They partner with heart surgeons and provide surgery to children with Congenital heart disease (CHD). Eight out of every 1000 live births around the world have some form of CHD.

I am posting their news letter here. Just click on it three times to enlarge it:

They reach out to Palestinian children. Hank points out that Jesus told us to love our enemy's. (Matthew 5:42-44) It is though this love that families are being touched so deep by the love of Christ that they give their lives to Jesus. Not only is the immediate family effected, but when something good happens in a Palestinian family, they invite all their relatives over and slaughter a couple of lambs and have a feast.
So, many others are touched by the love of Jesus by their service in 1NewHeart.

Heart surgery like this would normally run at least $400,000. An opportunity has opened where they can have a child's operation for only $5,000!

To learn more you can go to or email them at

What a wonderful way to give life, both physical and possibly spiritually too!

Wishing you more Wealth and Riches in your life as you give.


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