Monday, April 27, 2009

50 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics You Should Be Using

  1. Money Stamping - grab a stamper from your local office supply store and stamp a funny phrase along with your website address on it. Have a make money online blog? Stamp something like “Learn how to make thousands of these online: sitehere”.
  2. Sticky Notes - Another way to use your stamper or even your printer. Sticky notes are noticable anywhere because people know what they’re for; notes. Put these on local business doors, offices, cars, or above mail boxes in apartment complexes and people will take notice.
  3. So many stamps - Looking for a way to get noticed in the huge pile of advertising mail potential clients get? Send your promo material in a big manilla envelope and put 39 - 1 cent stamps on it. Out of 100 envelopes, who’s do you think will catch the eye first?
  4. Do Not Disturb - Heading to a blog expo anytime soon? Get some door hangers printed up with your business information on it and possibly a link to something free on your site. Get the attention of everyone in your market this way, and it’s super cheap as well. Noone else I know has been doing this so you’ll stand out for sure.
  5. Pay it forward - when you’re heading into the movie theater, pay the persons way behind you and tell the cashier to give them your business card. You’re not guaranteed that the person will become a client but I bet the word of mouth on that one would be pretty big.
  6. Fake publicity stunt - you could have people picket your storefront with signs that read “This business is too nice” or “Company X is too good at their job”. Theres a million fake publicity stunts, use your imagination and I bet it’ll work no matter how weird or out of the box it seems.
  7. Guest blogging - This is for the bloggers out there, or even the freelance writers. Guest blog on other blogs largely related, or semi-related to your websites niche. Opening other peoples eyes to your name and your website is always good promotion, especially if you’re an awesome writer. Not to mention networking with other bloggers is great for business as well.
  8. Business Cards - STOP! Don’t skip this one. So many people see this and think you’re going to tell them to print cards and hand them out. I’m not! What you do with these cards is head to every library or book store in your city and find the section that relates to your business. Open each and every book and place a business card somewhere in the book. This is great targeted marketing and only costs you a few bucks for the cards and an afternoon of placing the cards. If you need some great business cards, check out
  9. Bumper Stickers - These are great because they can go anywhere, not just on your car. Bathroom stalls, street poles, ect. Get creative with where you place them, they can grab peoples attention when placed in the right spots.
  10. Temporary Tattoos - I seen a post on some guerrilla marketing ideas over at Daily Bits and they talked about this as well. These tattoos will last for X amount of days and would be perfect for blog expos or other events where tons of people will be. Placing it in a weird place (forehead, neck, full back, foot, ect) is also a great way to get it noticed. Hey, if people talk about it, thats the whole point right?
  11. Help Home Based Businesses - most HBB owners try to keep their records hidden from local housing authorities so they’re hard to reach. head over to your local chamber of commerce and suggest a HBB committee. They might appoint you head of it (you can even ask to be) and you have a bunch of HBB owners who will come to chat and you can promote to with business cards, flyers, booklets, ect.
  12. Anything Else? - No, the list isn’t done yet. These are two words to say right before you exchange money with a client/customer. This will make them think and could open doors to a larger pay day.
  13. Top 10 reasons to choose YOU - instead of leaving business cards or other promo material at a business or in someones email box, create a list of the top 10 reasons why the prospect should choose your company. Make them 100% true, humerous and memberable.
  14. Demonstrations - got a service business? this is perfect for you. Find a local store that pertains to your services and put on a free demo of your services. Your service involve outdoors? Contact news stations and let them know you’ll be offering a BBQ and free service demonstration. The BBQ could get a little costly, but the amount of press and promotion could really pay off.
  15. Print Calendars - These could be given to each of your clients or left in a store for people to take for free. Print your website address and a little slogan or client testimonial on each months picture for exposure every day. The people using your calendars will even help you out when they have company over who will see the calendar, especially if the images you use are high end and visually appealing.
  16. Window decals - get a custom printed window decal on your car with your logo/website and possibly a slogan. looks professional, and is great for red lights.
  17. Fish Bowl Business Cards - You know the fish bowls at stores offering to choose a random card for a free lunch? Well, theres two ways to benefit from this. - 1. put your card in the fish bowl (hey, a free lunch is a free lunch, and who knows, the owner of the store might need your services) - 2. ask the store to let you have the losing cards each week/month which will generate a ton of free leads for you.
  18. Sponsor an event - doing this is at most times, very inexpensive and also GREAT for publicity, especially if its a big event. You normally get your logo and business mentioned in all of the events promo material which is tons of publicity you normally wouldn’t get. Be at the event to add extra stickiness to your business name and interact with the guests.
  19. Holiday Greetings - send emails or snail-mail to your past clients wishing them happy holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years). This helps them keep your name/business in their head as well as standing out from the other people they’ve done business with before.
  20. Charity Donations - Donate some of the profits you generate every month to charity. Great for promotion in the media and clients to feel like they’re helping out the charity by purchasing from you.
  21. Hold a Contest - This could have 1-10 winners which helps the word-of-mouth promotion everyone needs and wants. You can gain free press for starting the contest, plus publishing the winners is great for more press coverage.
  22. T-Shirts - This is great for turning yourself or others into walking billboard. You can give the t-shirts away as prizes which is also another great way of gaining word of mouth promotion. Your t-shirts for the prizes don’t need your website address on it. Just give away a great, fashionable shirt and that’ll have people eager to tell friends and family where they got it from.
  23. Partnerships - Do you run a web design business and want to find more potential leads? Try partnering with a web hosting company. Do you have a lawn-care business? Try partnering with a window washing company. Any partnership which benefits both companies is a great idea and a great way at grabbing the attention of new potential clients. Also a great way of giving your business targeted marketing.
  24. Blood Drive - Host a blood drive, contact newspapers, tv news, radio, ect. have 1-2 banners up with your website information and also have business cards at the sign in table. Everyone loves to help their country, city, state, ect. and giving blood is the easiest way for some people to do that. Putting yourself in the forefront of your cities next blood drive would make your business very visible to a whole range of new potential clients and word-of-mouth advertisers.
  25. Client Appreciation BBQ - Invite your past clients to a BBQ and let them invite 1-2 friends to come with them. This will help your customers LOVE you even more than they already do, as well as bring some new faces into contact with you as potential clients.
  26. Outdoor Signs - Ever see the huge amounts of signs in the grass for mayor elections or in the front yard of a house that just got remodeled? This is a great, and inexpensive way to get your websites name out there. Pick a great tagline or picture for the ads, and you’ll be sure to get noticed.
  27. Circulars - A lot of people nowadays are looking for good deals on just about anything, so when they receive the “junk mail” it’s not considered as “junk” anymore. Get a brochure put into these and you’ll have a good chance at 10-100K people to see it depending on how big the circulation is.
  28. Newspapers - You don’t have to just buy an ad. Today, a lot of newspapers are hurting for editorials, so if you have any copy writing skills, you can send in some editorials to the newspapers and include a byline for your company/website information.
  29. Magazines - Similar to above. Don’t just buy an ad that will get looked over, but write an article and if it is well written, when people read it, they’ll want to check out your website for more information on you.
  30. Put it on a bus - Mobile advertising is great and will get viewed by a lot of potential clients on a daily basis.
  31. Postcard Mailing - This is a bit cheaper then sending out envelopes that might weigh a bit and it also is easier for the potential client to read what you’re promoting without having the OPTION of opening the envelope (a postcard is one single piece of paper).
  32. Write an E-book - You can do this for to reasons. 1, you can write a free e-book on a topic in your niche and circulate it so people will start to see you as an authority in your niche, or you can also sell the book for a small profit and use that money to fund some of the other Guerrilla Marketing tactics.
  33. Giving it Away - How many people will turn down a free service or product? I don’t think very many will, so your voice and company will get out there in front of a lot of people. It’s also good for press to say you’ve given away X amount of products or services.
  34. Enter Business Awards - from small, local awards, to big, multi-national ones like Inc., your company could benefit from the exposure inside the awards. It’s an added bonus if you win because then you have a nice trophy in the office, or ribbon on your website that says you’re a good company.
  35. Link Bait & Viral Marketing - This is a well known tip to bloggers and website owners but few actually use it to their full advantage. For example, Matt Inman from created some surveys as link bait for his dating site. Eventually, his dating website ended up as #1 in google for “online dating”, ahead of and the other big players in that niche. Lonelygirl15 is another viral marketing showcase on how creating some funny videos can boost your viewers in a huge way.
  36. Offer all the extras - If you design, offer to setup hosting and buy the domain name. If you cut grass, offer to come in the winter and shovel snow. If you cook dinners for offices or nurses at hospitals, offer to create desserts. The ideas are endless, but if you give your clients EVERYTHING, they will have nothing to go elsewhere for.
  37. Borrow a wall/building - get a projector and find someone to let you use the side of their business/wall, and have your company logo/website/information shown on it every night. I know I would personally stop and look at what was showing on the side of a building for sure, so I can imagine how many others would as well.
  38. Own the bus stop - Not literally, but if you can get your ad on the poster area of the bus stop along with the seat inside the bus stop, you could effectively “own” the bus stop and the eyes of everyone who stands there on a daily basis waiting for the bus. Add this in with #6 and you’ve got something everyone will remember and talk about.
  39. Movie Theater Ads - I’ve looked into these for myself and they are generally very inexpensive as far as ads of this style go. Think about the movie you want your ad to show for and target it accordingly. A hiphop movie would be a great place for my Kicks Junkie website to be promoted, while a teen movie will do best with games/celebrity news.
  40. Doctors Office Magazines - I’d slip business cards into magazines every time you go to the doctors. That’s what they get for making you sit in a waiting room for 2 hours at a time, only to be seen by the doctor for 10 minutes :)
  41. Sex Sells -If your business is built for it, use it. Anything that isn’t “highly upper class” could use a little sex in their ads or in various ways. Building on the 24 guerrilla marketing tactics I wrote about, you could have 5-10 bikini models picket outside your business. This will definitely grab attention of guys in cars passing by.
  42. Sponsor the homeless - I believe in helping people in any way possible. If you see a homeless person somewhere on your daily commute to work, or various other places, you could pay the homeless person to hold a sign that reads “ paid me to hold this sign”. Regardless if it brings a TON of business your way or not, at least you’ll feel good about yourself, and you’ll touch that persons life forever. Buy them lunch and dinner or take them to a grocery store and pick out some chips and various other foods they can keep with them. Buy them a hotel room for the night to sleep in and get cleaned up. They’ll gladly stand with a sign for you after you do this for them.
  43. Underground Music - Is there a genre of music that your target market listens to? I bet there are hundreds, if not, thousands of music groups that are unsigned and lack funds to survive off their music. Why not offer to rent the hall for their next performance in exchange for flyers and banners during the show, or passed out at the door? You can also sponsor their CD production, or offer to get their website created in exchange for advertising at their shows, on the site, ect.
  44. Cross-Promotion on 404 Pages - Network with other bloggers or website owners and exchange banners on 404 pages. You could also promote affiliate offers or at the very least, put a google adsense block on it. The ideas for this are limitless and you can do different tests on each of your websites.
  45. M&M Candy - If you go to the M&M website, you’ll notice that you can personalize your candy. You can use this to either promote your business or just put a thank you onthe candy and give it to a client.
  46. Hair Salon’s and Barber Shops - How much talking happens in one of these places on a daily basis? Why WOULDN’T you want to be a business they are talking about? Drop in and offer the hair stylists some free food from your restaurant or coupons for free products. They’ll be talking about you to everyone who comes through the salon for weeks to come!
  47. 800 number and PO Box - I’ve talked about these two things before but I know they deserve to be mentioned here. If you’re looking for a company in the yellowpages or online and one has a home address and a number like this: 1-333-565-3245, while the one next to it has a PO Box for the address and a 1-800 number, which do you think is more likely to ‘look’ and ‘feel’ more professional? What company do you think is going to get the first call? You guessed it, the one with the 800 number and PO Box. Read Here to find out more about these.
  48. Press Releases - Regardless of what anyone tells you, a well formed and well written press release can gain you a lot of attention not only from the media, but from the target market as well. Don’t let this simple tool pass you by when trying to establish your bootstrapped business.
  49. Airplane Chauffeur - Find out when a trade show pertaining to your business will be in town. Next, hire a student or someone who will work for a low amount of money and have them hand make a sign with your websites address on it and stand next to baggage claim or right outside the door of the airport. They aren’t picking anyone up, but the people walking by and seeing your website address don’t know that.
  50. Let Others Talk You Up - For the final tip in this installment of the list (yes, there will be more coming soon) I want to leave you with something that sounds so simple, but you probably never thought about. A lot of people will enlist their friends and family to talk to other people about their business, but why not get people who aren’t super close to you, pay them a bit of money and send them out to bars, clubs, movies, restaurants and other busy places to talk up your business. Any word of mouth is good, even if you have to by the persons dinner in order for them to do it. Every little bit helps.
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Your Blood my Blood

I've done something last night that I haven't done in quite a few years. I gave blood.
To celebrate the occasion, here are some facts about blood:

* There is no substitute for human Blood
* An average adult has about 14 to 18 pints of Blood
*One standard unit or pint of Blood equals about two cups
*Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all of the body
* Blood carries carbon dioxide and other waste products back to the lungs, kidneys and liver for disposal.
* Blood fights against infection and helps heal wonnds
* One unit of donated whole Blood is spearated into componets before use (red Blood cells, white Blood cells, plasma, platelets, etc.
* There are four main Blood types: A,B,AB, and O
*Each Blood type is either Rh positive or negative
* Giving blood under normal rules, will not decrease your strength

Some Examples of average Blood use:

* People older than 65 use 43% of all donated Blood. The demand for Blood and Blood products will increase as the population ages.
* 25% of all Blood products are used to treat cancer patients.
*One out of ten people entering a hospital requires Blood
* Severe burn victims can need the platelets from about 20 Blood unit donations during their treastment.
* People who have been in car accidents and suffered massive Blood loss can need transfusions of 50 units or more of red Blood cells.

When you give blood, you are giving life. Giving creates more Wealth and Riches in your own life.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Your Money or Your Life?

David Kellermann, the acting CFO of Freddie Mac was found dead at his home today in what police said was an apparent suicide.

Kellerman age 41 lived in a well off neighborhood of large single family homes with beautiful lawns. Country records show Kellermann's home worth about $900,000.

Mac lost more than $50 billion last year, and the government has pumped in $45 billion to keep the company afloat.

No doubt Kellerman was under a lot of pressure and my prayers are with his family.

Let's ask ourselves though, is any amount of money or lack there of; worth taking your own life?

I've never owned a $900,000 home, but I have owned several houses in my life, and very finely furnished with antiques but I wouldn't trade any of it for my own life. How do I know I wouldn't? I've had and I've had not. Just about four years ago I found myself homeless and jobless. I did have my Ford Explorer (that barely ran) that I lived in. It was my home. It wasn't easy, but I have to say it wasn't as hard as I had expected either. Maybe because I did have my Explorer to live in, but I believe maily because of my faith in God. I knew that God would take care of me no matter if I had a roof over my head or not; He would work it out. I never even considered once taking my life because of this.

The lack of money is not worth taking your life. The lack of a job is not worth taking your life. There are ebbs and flow in every Country, and in everyone's life also. There are times of abundance and there are times you may end up having nothing material at all. Just know this, that God knows what you're going through and even though it seems He's not paying attention to you at the moment, He really is and He's working in your favor to help you, to make sure you are provided for. He did in my life, and He will in yours too, if you have faith in Him! Trust in Him and He will guide you.
Work hard and do all you can to get back on your feet, keep your faith in Him; and you'll see things change, even if it's not right away; it will happen. After all you have His word on it "You reap what you sow, IF you faint not." So keep sowing, you will reap a harvest in due time.

May God fill you with His Wealth and Riches in your life,


Monday, April 20, 2009

6 Steps to a Stronger Mind by Mark Victor Hansen

6 Steps to a Stronger Mind by Mark Victor Hansen

Our minds are all we've got. They are the source of who we, both personally and professionally, are. They determine our success or failure. They are our strength and our weakness.

With the quality of our entire lives resting on our minds, it's unbelievable that we choose to fill them with so much garbage. The amount of negativity from television, newspapers, tabloids and other media that bombards us on a daily basis is amazing. We would never think to fill our bodies with only junk food, right? Heck no. We know that if we ate nothing but French fries and ice cream we would experience negative consequences like skin blemishes, weight gain and rotting teeth.

But with mental junk food we don't see the physical consequences right away. When our minds are constantly filled with negativity and bad news, our minds begin to decay. That's why we need to develop a strong, Herculean-esque mind.

Developing your mental muscles will give you the power to accomplish anything you want in life. Sure, it takes some discipline on your part, but look at the world's greatest bodybuilders. They don't show up at the gym every once in a while. They create a workout schedule and they are at the gym every day, no matter what.

Hire yourself as your “mental manager.’ Figure out how much you're going to pay yourself and make up a job list. Here are six jobs to assign to yourself to create a stronger mind.

1. Read Right
How much good news do you see in the newspapers? Editors usually say, “If it bleeds, it leads.’ Not much chance of positivity there. So, read something else. Read books – good books. Books that motivate you. Books that inspire you. Look up some of the great inspirational authors on or in your local bookstore. Read them every morning and/or every night, before you go to sleep.

2. Share Your Mind
Find someone, or a group of someone's, who have the same desire to share positivity. This is called masterminding. Great successes are created when great minds come together and think about the same things.

3. Find A Mentor
My mentor was Buckminster Fuller and I learned more from that man about life than I ever hoped to. Who are the people you admire most, whether you know them or not? Figure out whom you'd like to emulate and study them. If they offer seminars, attend them. If they've written books, read them. Just a few I'd recommend are: Tony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Zig Ziglar.

4. Listen to Motivational/Inspirational CDs and Tapes
This is one of the most important habits you can create for yourself. Find inspirational audio messages and listen to them over and over. Earl Nightingale, one of the most brilliant thinkers of our time, had this to say on the subject: “Tape listening is the most important advance in technology since the invention of the printing press.’ With audio tapes and CDs, speakers can reach 10 times as many people as the printed word ever could.

5. Sign Up and Attend Seminars
The motivational messages you hear at seminars, and the inspirational people you meet, reinforce your self-esteem and positive thinking. You can search out seminars via the internet, newspapers or local colleges and universities.

6. Turn Off the Television
On average, the television set in an American home is on over 7 hours a day. Just like any bad habit, it needs to be broken. I'm not saying that all television is bad. Heck no. I'm simply recommending that you cut back on your television viewing. Decide how long you're going to watch television and then turn it off when you're time is up. Try cutting back your television viewing one hour every day at first. You can use that time to read a book, listen to a motivational tape, walk your dog or spend time with your family.

After reading these six steps maybe you're saying, “But Mark, I can't do it. I just don't know if I can be this dedicated to bettering myself?’ Who else are you going to be dedicated to if not yourself? Because when it comes right down to it, folks, you are all that you've got. Jobs and relationships come and go. Children grow up, leave the nest and get lives of their own. Then there you are, alone with yourself. Why not create a “you’ you can be proud of.

"Amaze yourself; manifest your full potential."

-- Mark Victor Hansen

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Ripple Effect

Have you ever thrown a stone into a still body of water such as a lake or pond? Isn't it neat to see the ripples that it creates from it, outward?

This is how our lives are even when we don't know it, we are making a difference in others lives (for positive or negative).

I'll give you a recent example of it in my own life. I enjoy taking an orange to work. My wife as sweet as she is, peals that orange for me before I go to work and puts it in a zip lock bag. Well one of my teammates happened to see my pealed orange and asked about it. I informed him that my wife peals the orange for me. He happened to mention it to his girlfriend, and now she peals him an orange to take to work also. Then as my teammate was telling me about it, another teammate overheard what we were talking about and she said "I think I'll do that for my boyfriend also!"
Here my wife is, in the kitchen all by herself pealing that orange because she loves me, and not thinking about how even that simple act can impact others; yet we see by my true story that it did and it does!

So whether we realize it or not, our lives, our actions, our words even; impact others.

Choose today to have a positive impact in someone's life. Spread out the Wealth and Riches in your own life! You never know how many it will touch.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

What's the Big Deal About Marriage?

What's the big deal about Marriage? "Why can't two people who love each other just live together."
"Marriage is just a piece of paper anyhow." "Marriage is death to a relationship, once you get married it's down hill from there!" "Marriage is old fashioned."

Have you heard people say these things? I'm sure you have. You might of even said them yourself at one time..

So what is the big deal about marriage? Is getting married just a legal document so one can qualify for benefits, and what about same sex marriage, if two people love one another shouldn't they be allowed to get married?

Since I write about Wealth and Riches here which involve the subject of relationships, I want to address this extremely important topic of marriage.

Marriage the way it was designed to be, is between a man and a woman in holy matrimony.
It is a commitment made with both the mind and the heart towards the person you have said you want to spend the rest of your life with. It is much more than a legal paper or a contract.
When a person is married their relationship is "holy". Holy meaning set apart, made special where you are only for that person, and that person only for you. You are reserved for each other, and no one else is suppose to be that close with you except your spouse.

First of all, woman was made for man as a helpmate. A partner. (See Genesis when God made Eve). Not man for man, nor woman for woman, but woman for man. You might be thinking from that statement that I hate gays and I'm a gay basher. I don't hate gays, but I do disagree with their lifestyle. I do not accept it as normal in any fashion. It is quite clear from how we are made physically that a man and a woman are to be together sexually and no other way. I do not believe that any State or Country should make gay marriage legal. And the States in the USA that have already made it legal, need to repent and define that marriage is to be between a man and a woman only.

With that basic information out of the way, let's talk more about what marriage can be:

Marriage was meant to be until "death do you part". I know there are exceptions, but I want to focus on the way it's meant to be. Ecclesiastes 9:9 HCSB "Enjoy life with the wife you love all the days of your fleeting life."

Marriage is meant to be romantic. Yeah, even after you're married 20 plus years.
Sure there will be days where you don't "feel romantic" but over all if you are intentional you will have a romantic marriage. Song of Solomon is a great example of the desire a married couple can have towards each other.

Marriage is meant to be for you and your spouse only. This idea of swapping partners of commiting adultery will only bring hurt and pain into a marriage. Oh at first it will be extremely exciting, heart pumping thrilling even. But wait for the season to pass and you'll soon start reaping the consequences of swapping partners. It will bring misery upon you and your spouse. It can cause divorce in the long run and you'll wish you never had done it.

When you love your husband/wife with all your heart, you'll never want to be with anyone else.
You'll count them as special in your heart. You'll guard your heart and only let them in that special area where no else will have access. Only your mate will. You'll be able to open your heart wide open to this person with no fear of rejection, no fear of ridicule, only openness heart to heart baring all things to each other even when you are hurt by one another. When this is done, there is true in depth healing and a dare I say spiritual bonding that takes place between you two. It is beautiful beyond description. Accepting one another faults and all. It's the best relationship as close to heaven as you'll get not counting a relationship with God Himself. Your body is no longer your own, but it is your spouse's body now and their body is yours. Reserved only for one another. When a husband and wife submit to one another remembering that their body is not their own, then there is no rejection; only enjoyment of one another.

Marriage is more than a physical thing, it is spiritual also. (The two flesh shall be one) is more then just sex. More then a man going into a woman. You become one with each other when you are married. Harmony exists when the two are one. Sure there will be times of disagreement. That's only human. Yet deep down you know your marriage is suppose to have harmony. If it wasn't meant that a way, then you wouldn't get so upset when there isn't harmony. You would take it as normal. Which brings me to my next point.

Respect. Respect one another. Be tender towards each other. Never insulting one another with words and never causing physical harm even when your mind screams out "JUSTICE!"
Respect one another as if you were living with a King or a Queen.

Serve one another as if you were serving a King or Queen. How wonderful your marriage will be when you serve each other this way. Men, wash the dishes once in awhile and make the bed. You didn't marry a maid, you married your love. Women, show your man you love him by cooking a good meal for him. Don't let him go to work empty handed. Make him a good lunch (the night before if necessary) and put in a love note with it. Help keep his heart with you this way even when he's away from you at work and when your away from him.
Men, surprise your wife with a love letter on no special day and tell your woman you love her.

Don't take for granted your husband/wife. They may not be here tomorrow if you do. They are more important then the daily newspaper, the TV show, the movie; or anything else. Pay full attention to one another giving weight to each others words.

Oh I could go on and on. I've learned these things the hard way, and am writing you today in hopes that you will learn them just by reading instead of the hard way, hopefully avoiding lots of heart ache and bringing joy and true Wealth and Riches into your life; all of your life.

Blessings to you,


Thursday, April 9, 2009

What One TRILLION Dollars Looks like

All this talk about "stimulus packages" and "bailouts"...

A billion dollars...

A hundred billion dollars...

Eight hundred billion dollars...

One TRILLION dollars...

What does that look like? I mean, these various numbers are tossed around like so many doggie treats.

Stay with me ... to get a sense of what a trillion dollars looks like.

Take it slow....

We'll start with a $100 dollar bill. Currently the largest U.S. denomination in general circulation. Most everyone has seen them; slightly fewer have owned them.

A packet of one hundred $100 bills is less than 1/2" thick and contains $10,000. Fits in your pocket easily and is more than enough for a week or two of shamefully decadent fun.

Believe it or not, this next little pile is $1 million dollars (100 packets of $10,000). You could stuff that into a grocery bag and walk around with it.

While a measly $1 million looked a little unimpressive, $100 million is a little more respectable. It fits neatly on a standard pallet...

And $1 BILLION dollars... now we're really getting somewhere... $1,000,000,000 (one billion dollars)

Next we'll look at ONE TRILLION dollars. This is that number we've been hearing about so much. What is a trillion dollars? Well, it's a million million. It's a thousand billion. It's a one followed by 12 zeros. You ready for this? It's pretty surprising. Go ahead... Scroll down...

Ladies and gentlemen... I give you $1 trillion dollars...

(And notice those pallets are double stacked and how small the man looks.) So the next time you hear someone toss around the phrase "trillion dollars"... that's what they're talking about. Make sure you pass this on so everyone can see how much our government is really spending!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wanting something is not enough

Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way. Les Brown~

What is the one thing above all things that you desire in your life right now?

If you expect to get it, then you must hunger after this one thing. Long for it with every breath you have. You will think about it night and day, you will plan for it, work for it, breathe it, pray for it and sleep it. Only then will you know for sure that you will obtain it.

When you want something that bad, I believe it will happen.
I believe it from experience.
What if it doesn't happen you say? Then you'll die wanting it!
What if it takes you a month, a year, 10 years, 20 years! Will you give up? Not if you want it and believe God for it!

Every since I was in my 20's ( 2 1/2 decades ago) I've prayed and desired to have a daughter after I had my son Benjamin. (He was exactly what I prayed for, a boy to start with). Now I only have about less than a year to have the desire to have a girl! My wife's daughter (and as far as I'm concerned mine also) will be here with us!

Will you believe and not give up on your dream for that long or longer if you must?
If your answer is no, then it's not what you really desire with all your heart.
If your answer is yes, I encourage you to keep believing, keep moving forward until you reach your dream! Don't ever give up, no matter what comes your way. The doors will open for you if you keep knocking. So keep knocking, keep asking, keep moving in the direction you want. The Bible says if we do these things, God will answer us because He is our good Father who loves us. He did not ever say He would make it easier on us. He did not say we would not go through any trails. But He did say if you seek and knock, He will open the doors for us! And when those doors open my friend, it will all be worth it!


Wealth and Riches are yours,


Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Piece of the Pie?

A Piece of the Pie?

Have you heard the saying concerning money: "I just want a piece of the pie, that's all."

This is the problem many of us have when it comes to money. We think because someone that has a lot of money, must of made you a bit poorer.
In reality of how our money system works, there is plenty of pie to go around for everyone. It's not like this picture of the pie you see here, where there are only so many pieces and once all the pieces are gone, there's none left for anyone else.

We have an unlimited wealth supply available to us. We can "create" wealth. If you introduce a new product or service and rent it out or sell it; you have just created wealth for yourself. Something from nothing!
The lack of money is nonexistent. It's the poverty mentality that causes lack in our own life.

I'll tell you a true story of when I was in my early 20's. I use to have a pet rabbit that I kept in a rabbit cage. I would always feed him rabbit pellets or veggies of some sort like carrots or lettuce.
I fell upon financial hard times and did not even have enough money to buy any pellets or veggies for Rabbit. I knew though I was going to get some checks in 3 days, so I figured that as long as Rabbit had enough water he would be fine until I got paid...well I was wrong. Rabbit did not take to his forced fast very well at all. Actually he died on the 3rd day. It was too late to buy him some food by time my checks arrived in the mail. Wow, was I sad! Poor Rabbit depended on me to take care of him, and here I let him die of starvation.
While standing there thinking about poor dead Rabbit suddenly I relaized for the first time, had I just pulled some grass from the abundant green lawn I had, rabbit would have had food to eat in plenty!!

You see, my sight and thinking were limited. I was looking in only one direction to supply my need. Because of my limited thinking Rabbit suffered and died.

You might think, how stupid I was do of not realized this to start with, but how many people do I know that have the same limited sight in their own financial lives that just can only see their job as the way to have money, sometimes barely making a living, causing a shortage and suffering to those they love.

There are more ways to provide for all of your needs and then some if only you will SEE them.

Don't be like me when I was in my 20's. Look around and open your eyes and see the true Wealth and Riches around you!