Monday, May 18, 2009

Gaining Weight!

I started weighing myself weekly now instead of monthly.
Looks like I'm gaining weight instead of loosing it for the last two weeks.
I know what I need to do...I need to do a full body cleanse. Soon...

The good news is though I've started reducing the chemicals in my home.
I now use a natural/organic shampoo and bars of soap.

I must remember to buy my fruits and veggies at the local market instead of Walmart since I just read that pesticides cause skin cancer. It's easier to buy everything all in one place, but Walmarts fruits and veggies are not pesticide free.

Everything starts with awareness, and I am becoming more and more aware. So I will continue to take positive steps to reduce the chemicals in and around me to become even more Wealth and Rich. I hope you will too.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Power to Influence By Tom Wood

A great speaker named Sisarow when he spoke people were ready to go to war. He stoked their emotions to action.

The Power to Influence
By Tom Wood

1. Build rapport

Building rapport is building trust consciously and unconsciously.

2. Discover and listen

You have to ask questions to understand where people are coming from.
You have to listen with genuine interest.

3. Expose the problem

People take action to solve the problem.
we clean the car when it's dirty, we go buy food when we are hungry. We listen to music when we need to escape.
Finding out what the problem is and exposing it is the first step in creating that need, that desire to take action. Expose the problem.

4. Expose the solution and make it simple

People will not take action if they are confused. You almost got to make it step by step clear how your solution will solve their problem. And they have got to feel like they can do it. When you give a solution is has to be simple.

5. Appeal to emotions.

All actions come down to emotion. Some people say that emotion is energy in motion.
Facts tell, stories sell. If you want to create emotion tell stories. Sisarow knew the value of stories. He created emotion and that emotion created action.

6. You must ask for action

You have to have the confidence to ask people to take action. Like a waiter that is not connected to the outcome when he or she asks if you want some coffee. You have to ask like that.

Great influencers used these six principles and there are many more.

Book recommendation: By Robert Cialdini. Influence The psychology of persuasion

Coffee The Drink of the Morning?

I can't say Coffee is the most healthy choice to pick in your drink for the morning.
By this survey, you can see a majority of the people that took this survey said that coffee is the drink of choice for the morning.

A much better choice would be a healthy non sugar added juice, or health drink that will benefit your body instead of just stimulating your heart to beat faster.

Having truth Wealth and Riches involves good daily choices in all areas of our lives including our body. You don't have to be a health nut, but you do have to be aware of the things we are ingesting.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

7 Facts about Your God Given Dream

By Dr Mike Smally

God never gives us a dream to toy with our emotions.
When God puts a dream in you, He means for it to come to pass. It may take a lifetime, it may be something so big.

7 Facts about Your God Given Dream

1. Your dream will always attract the attention of the opposed to its completion from both human and demonic.

2. Your dream will often die twice before God will fulfill it.

3. Your dream will always require the influence, impartation, mentor ship of champions of the Gospel.

4. Your dream will require covenant partnerships

5. Your dream will require contact evaluation as to who will not belong in your life.

6. Honor the dream of another, sowing the seed of honor.

7. Your dream will require a seed of new beginnings.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Benefits of Galic

Garlic (allium sativum) has been valued, for over 5,000 years, for its healing properties and its ability to increase the body's strength and energy. Today, garlic is thought to help prevent heart disease, strokes and hypertension.

The essential oils and other components of garlic have a strong antibiotic, anti fungal and antiviral properties. Garlic can help with the common cold, upset stomach, infections and helps with the urinary system.

How Garlic Works

There is a sulfur agent found in garlic's essential oils that makes it a potent disinfectant and a good defense for killing germs in the body. After garlic is ingested, it is absorbed into the bloodstream and then diffused through various organs. Garlic is rich in essential oils, whose principal active agent is allicin. This agent is responsible for the characteristic odor of garlic as well as the healing properties. Garlic also contains calcium, selenium , zinc and potassium. It helps keep blood clots from forming in the blood vessels, and from having plaque building up in coronary arteries.

I have mixed a jar of honey with pressed garlic. I stir it up each time before taking it and take a good spoon full each morning.

Garlic can possibly add more Wealth in the form of health to your life also.


Disclaimer: The above is the opinion of the author only and is not to be taken as medical advice. Please consult a Doctor before treating any illnesses.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Finds hidden treasures

I grew up looking for hidden not on some island and not even under the sea.
But at Garage sales! My mom use to take me around with her everywhere. She would keep it interesting for me in buying a little something here and there.

Garage sales are in my blood. I really should have a bumper sticker on back of my car (no really don't buy me one, I hate stickers on my car) that says "I Break For Garage Sales" because I really do.

Yard sales are done a little different here in the East then they were in Southern California.
In California a person normally just throws up a sign on the street corner early in the morning and people come.

Here in the East they put up a sign up to a week BEFORE the sale with the date of the sale on the sign...that can be very confusing until you know how it works.

The treasures! I could tell you some good ones all right. Golden and Brass pocket watches, antique hump back trunks, watches, carnival glass, you name it, you can find it sooner or later.

My current hunt is for a light brown couch for our living room. Now that so far is a hard animal to find. PLENTY of ugly green or flowery ones. I know, I know; beauty is in the eye of the beholder...just not for me I guess.

Today I found a brand new Wok from Japan! How much? One buck! Yes, I am a happy camper from that find!

Also found a book of natural cures for $2.50 Not bad considering this thick of a book would cost me at least $30 in the store.

So...want more riches? Hit up some Garage Sales!


Bob Proctor: It’s Easy to Earn Money

Bob Proctor: It’s Easy to Earn Money

I hope you enjoy this article from Bob Proctor, one of the teachers from The Secret movie and also one of my favorite mentors…

It’s Easy to Earn Money

by Bob Proctor

Most people spend their entire lives trading their time for money and never amass the financial fortune available to them. They never invest the time to learn the basics of how to multiply their income.

Just about everything you’ve been taught about how to earn money is so far from the truth that it’s almost comical. Earning money has nothing to do with age, formal education, gender, or geography. It has nothing to do with past experience or your level of intellect. There are individuals who are functionally illiterate and have become multimillionaires, while there are others who are absolutely brilliant — and broke!

Virtually anyone can be taught how to earn millions of dollars and yet, the sad truth is that 97 out of every 100 people born on this planet live their entire lives and die without EVER learning how to earn money. To perpetuate this ridiculous problem, their ignorance is passed along from one generation to the next. They’re not stupidly ignorant — that’s not what I’m saying here — they’re simply ignorant to the truths of earning money.

Our school system has been designed as an environment to enlighten young minds, to replace ignorance with understanding and thereby improve the quality of life. Our educational system has obviously been successful in many areas. However, it has woefully neglected one important subject: “How to Earn Money.”

You can actually earn a doctorate degree in Economics and have little or no knowledge of how to earn money. A lack of understanding in this area is the cause of numerous problems, since money is the medium of exchange used worldwide.

There has always been a small, select group — approximately 3% of our population — that clearly understands that prosperity consciousness is the primary cause of wealth. This group also understands that prosperity consciousness — like ignorance — is also passed down from one generation to the next.

Let’s Look At “Money.” What Is It?

1. Money is a reward you receive for the service you render.

The more valuable the service, the greater your monetary reward. Thinking of ways you can be of greater service will not only help you earn more money, it will also enable you to grow intellectually and spiritually.

2. Money is just an idea.

The paper you fold and place in your purse or pocket is not money. It is paper with ink on it. It represents money, but it is not money. Money is an idea. The earning of money has nothing to do with the paper stuff. It has to do with consciousness. It has to do with spirit.

I am aware there are books that instruct you on how to manipulate the market, stocks and people … they might even help you get money. But, let me caution you … where there is no spiritual consciousness as to how money works … there is no spiritual strength … there is no lasting happiness … and, as a result, there is no real wealth.

3. To accumulate wealth, a person must become very comfortable with the idea of money.

That may sound strange, however most people are not comfortable with the idea of money, which is why they do not have any. The cause of poverty is poverty consciousness. A poverty consciousness will cause a person to see, hear, smell, think, and feel lack and limitation.

The late Mike Todd said, “Being broke is a temporary situation. Being poor is a mental state.” He was correct. There are wealthy people who lose every cent they have through a series of mistakes in judgment … but that does not make them poor. They will have it all back in a short time because of their prosperity consciousness.

Here’s How to Earn More Money

If you have any question in your mind regarding your level of consciousness with respect to money, be very honest with yourself and look at your results. Study the patterns in your life.

If you want to improve your financial position in life, focus your attention on creating a higher level of prosperity consciousness. Begin by preparing a powerful, positive affirmation and fuel it with emotion. When you do this, you are depositing this creative energy in the treasury of your subconscious mind. And, by repeating this process over and over and over again every day, it will begin to alter your mental conditioning and mentally move you in the direction you want to go.

Write it out, read it, feel it, and let it take hold of your mind.

How much money do you want? Saying “I want more money” is not good enough. Five dollars is more! How much more do you really want? Decide on a figure. Be specific. You will not seriously want more money than you are capable of earning … however, you would be wise to remember … you must earn it.

Now, Understand the Three Ways to Earn Money

There are just three key strategies for earning money. Trading time for money is by far the worst of the three income earning strategies, it is employed by approximately 96 percent of our population — doctors, lawyers, accountants, laborers, etc. This is the method by which you must continue to put in more of your time in order to make more money. When you are not working … you are not earning.

What opportunities do you have to multiply your income?

What can you do in your area of expertise that will create another stream of income for you?

What can you teach … what do you spend your free time doing that could actually become a source of income for you as you bring others into that very same hobby or activity?

What do you provide in your day-to-day service that might prove an excellent joint venture for some body else out there? Find them and approach them with your great income-leveraging idea!
Multiplying your income through the use of leverage is a strategy that wealthy people have employed since the time of the ancient Babylonians. Unfortunately, this strategy is only used by approximately one percent of our population, yet that one percent earns approximately 96 percent of all the money that is earned! See how easily YOU can become part of that one percent? Now you know how!

Here’s how I would suggest you start determining your multiple streams of income: First, determine exactly how much money you want to earn. Write it down on a sheet of paper in large figures. Look at the number and tell yourself over and over again:

“This amount of money is an EFFECT. It represents a reward that I want to receive. What service can I render that would be deserving of that reward?

Then, take the total figure and divide it into multiple parts. Each part would represent a source of income. Each source of income represents a separate reward that you will receive for a service you would render.

Work on one source of income at a time. Each one should become an exciting part of your life. You see, what you are actually doing is thinking of different ways you can be of service to others.

Remember — money IS the ultimate servant. As you help others, you earn more. And, as you earn more, the more you can help others. Now that’s prosperity consciousness!


For 40 years, Bob Proctor has dedicated himself to helping people create lush lives of prosperity, rewarding relationships, and spiritual awareness. To learn more about Bob Proctor…

Isn’t that a powerful article?

Please share it!

I thought I'd post this amazing devotional here since it rings so true for both taking a bold step towards leading a healthy lifestyle, and sharing a new business opportunity with others.

Ten 'Can'-mandments
by Rick Warren

Today's Devotional is based on this passage:

"I can do everything through Him who gives me strength" (Philippians 4:13 NIV).

So often we think of commandments as a list of don'ts. Instead of focusing on what we can't do, let's start looking at what we can with this list of ten "can"-mandments!

1. Instead of thinking, "It will never fly," think, "Through God's strength, it's worth the try!"

2. Replace the thought, "It won't work," with faith that, with God's strength, it will work!

3. When someone says, "It's never been done before," respond by saying, "That means God's giving us the opportunity to be the first."

4. "What if we fail?" What if we fail to try, knowing God says we can do everything through Him who gives us strength?

5. "We don't have the money." Where God guides, he provides so that we can do everything he has called us to do.

6. "We don't have the time!" Perhaps God is telling us to re-evaluate our priorities as we rely upon his direction and strength.

7. "We don't have the expertise." Maybe not, but we can learn as God directs our path.

8. "It's been tried before." But we're wiser now because we know we can do everything when we rely on God's strength instead of our own.

9. If someone says, "There are so many problems with it," respond by saying, "Yet, there are so many possibilities when we're trusting God instead of ourselves."

10. Instead of saying, "It's not working out," say instead, "Let's try it one more time, but this time focused on God and the truth that we can do this through Him who gives us strength."

"Summing it all up, friends, I'd say you'll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse" (Philippians 4:8 MSG).

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gettysburg Adventure

Roundtop Hill Gettysburg

Roundtop Hill again

One of the many walls and battlefields of Gettysburg

The Eternal Flame monument devoted by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1961. Also

This is how the soldiers built the fences on the Battle Ground

One of many monuments on the war field of Gettysburg

What Caused the American Civil War? Click here to find out


by Charlie "T" Jones

I've never written and only rarely tell of my first banker experience.

It happened in 1936. I was nine years old and the depression was still in full force. We came from Alabama and settled in Lancaster County in a little row home, which my father managed to rent. It was getting near Christmas and my dear dad had nothing to spend for Christmas for his five children ages 1-9. In desperation, he went to the bank to try to persuade them that he was a safe risk for a small loan. He explained his predicament, no job, no collateral, and 5 small children with Christmas approaching. As he should have known, the banker would have to decline his request, but he had an alternative offer for my dad to consider. He explained that if my dad could postpone celebrating Christmas a day or two, the children wouldn't know it and everything would be reduced in the stores, and he would only need half the amount he was requesting. He said if this was agreeable he would approve the loan for a smaller amount. Of course my dad gratefully accepted his offer. I have experienced many Christmas's but this was the one I remember the best. Christmas Eve after we were all tucked in bed, the downstairs front door slammed open. There was a lot of noise and footsteps and my father rushed down the stairs to see what was happening.

I followed a few minutes later, and saw him sitting on the bottom step with his head in his hands. I couldn't understand why he was weeping. When I reached the bottom step, I could see no one in the hallway, but the hall was lined with boxes. There were boxes of food, clothing and candy. There was a riding fire engine and a four-foot folding white paneled dollhouse. We never had a Christmas like that and we never knew who or why they did it. We didn't belong to a church and the friends we had were as poor as we were. My dad returned to the bank to repay the loan. The banker surprised my dad by telling him that there was no record of his loan.

I only understood that Christmas experience years later when Jesus became my Lord and Savior. How blessed some of us are to see God’s love working in and through His children. John 3:16 is where it begins but those unknown servants were practicing 1st John 3:16. "Hereby perceive we the love of God, how He laid down his life for us: so we ought to lay down our lives for others."