Friday, September 24, 2010

What A Great Birthday!

I have to back up a few days to explain how special things have been happening to me lately. You'll want to read because special things can happen in your life too, if they are not already.

You might say I've been experimenting with "The Law of Love". Some people call it the "Law of Attraction" but really in my opinion, "The Law of Love" describes it much better!

The Bible says "Love overcomes all" and also "Love never fails". I never knew how this could apply in my life other than relationships until recently. You might say the light bulb has turned on and it's getting brighter all the time!

So my first experiment was a long stem rose. I wanted one because I happen to love good smelling roses. Being a X Professional Gardner brought a real love of roses in my life for many years now.

Anyways...I haven't seen roses in the house for about a year, and decided that I would like 1 Long Stem Rose that was high fragrance. I emailed myself the intention but told no one. The 2nd day I set out an empty vase on the table and then grabbed it and smelled my rose (that wasn't there yet). MMMM SO GOOD!
2 days after I emailed myself, my wife brought home a bouquet of beautiful roses with peacock feathers in them. Even better than I had imagined!
Here's the picture

Now I know the new ages get way off into lady gaga land. lol I'm not proclaiming that everything they have said about The Law of Attraction is correct (in my opinion anyhow) but I do now understand what they are talking about with The Law of Love.

So... that was the start of a great week.

I decided to take off work today to enjoy my Birthday. I love fireworks very much. Matter of fact, 4th of July is one of my favorite Holidays besides for Christmas. I was walking out of work the good Lord had a surprise birthday gift for me last night. Yep, Fireworks! We have a baseball stadium not too far from where I work and they just started shooting off their fireworks as I got out of work.
What an enjoyable night!

I decided to have a custom made cake with a Rhino on top. I ordered from a friend of mine that recently went into business making custom cakes and I told her I'd like a Rhino cake with some type of Jungle Thyme along with it being triple chocolate.
We agreed it would be a two tier cake, but beyond that no details were given.
BUT, I had imagined a rhino on top of the cake sitting on his rear and chocolate chips inside the cake too. You guessed it, that's exactly what I got!
Here's the picture:

By the way if you want a custom made cake of your own and you're in the Central PA area, you can contact Kitty Kakes.

I was able to BBQ outside. It was perfect weather for it. Warm with a slight breeze.
BBQing veggies, hotlinks (I know, not good for me, but once in awhile is okay), Chicken, and ribs. All the food was wonderful, but what was the best was my son who recently has returned from Iraq was able to spend it with us, and our daughter who recently came to join us from the Philippines also! What a special day.

On top of that, so many of my wonderful Face Book friends wished me a happy birthday too. Some people may think that's no big deal, that someone online wishing you a happy birthday, but for me; I am grateful that they take time out of their lives to wish me a Happy Birthday. If you're one of them, THANK YOU for making my day special too!

Wishing you more Wealth and Riches in every area of your life!



  1. What a wonderful birthday!

    I really enjoyed reading about your celebration. It is amazing how the Law of Love is working with intention in your life.

    Wishing you more joy and happiness in the coming year.

    Grateful to be one of your Facebook friends.


  2. I agree with Faye!! That goes double for me...

    Very happy to hear that you had a wonderful birthday!!

    And I am thankful to have you as a online friend..